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Goldie and Oldie (Turkije)


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Goldie and Oldie are sisters and they were one of the oldest members of the Göcek shelter. they were only teenagers when they were dumped at the shelter in 2004. Even as youngsters they were not very social and easy to approach to. They were not used to humans and of course living at the shelter for some 10 years has not helped their fear of humans at all.

Today they are totally unapproachable and we don't try to force them to be friendly any more.
They sure are survivors and and like we said they are the oldest habitant's in the shelter. They are very good with the rest of the crowd. 
They stay out of trouble and respect all the dogs, old habitants or newcomers it doesn't matter. 

Goldie and Oldie share the same compound in the shelter, they never split up. In 10 years they never got sick 
nor were they attacked by another dog. As they are used to the shelter and are not fond of human beings we can only hope that they 
are happy with their lives as it is. Since they are not physically rehomeable we would really appreciate a virtual family for these two old ladies.

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